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5 Must-Have Items For Moving Day

5 Must-Have Items For Moving Day

If you have moved to a new home before you’ll now just how hectic moving day can be. Nothing ever seems to go according to plan and you feel like tearing your hair out every five minutes or so. Hiring trustworthy, experienced Jacksonville movers will make your move go much smoother, however there are a few things you can bring to the table too. No matter how good your Jacksonville movers are, there are a few things that you need to bring with you on moving day. Here are our five must-have items to make moving day as straight forward as possible.

  1. Skateboard

We’re not saying to spend the afternoon out in the driveway popping ollies. A skateboard, or other wheeled device, is invaluable on moving day. Save your back and move your boxes from A to B on wheels. Remember, the skateboard can only take so much weight, so leave the heavier boxes to your selected Jacksonville movers.

  1. Permanent Markers

Permanent markers are to moving, what balls are to soccer- without them it’s just not possible. Ask any Jacksonville movers and they will agree that being organized is the most important thing in a move. Keep a permanent marker in your pocket at all times for labeling boxes, packaging and all last minute items that you somehow forgot about until now.

  1. White Shoe Polish

Don’t lose your security deposit over scuffed baseboards. Whether you’ve been living at your current home for a month or a year, there’s no doubt you’ll have marked the baseboards at some point. And, you probably won’t have noticed until you pull out all the furniture on moving day. Rather than repainting, just dab a little white shoe polish over the affected area and keep your landlord smiling.

  1. Swiss Army Knife

You think everything is packed in the correct boxes, right? Wrong. As much as moving day is about moving stuff it’s also very much about opening and closing boxes. For this, a Swiss army knife is your best friend. Jacksonville movers will usually carry a small blade for this reason and you should do the same. Quick, easy access to your boxed items leads to less stress and the corkscrew attachment will be welcomed at the end of the day.

  1. Heavy Duty Trash Bags

As the Jacksonville movers load up the truck with furniture, you’ll quickly find the empty space left behind is not as empty as you thought. Trash bags are great for packing up last minute odds and ends on the fly. Moving day is also a great opportunity to declutter your home. Use your trash bags to get rid of any junk that you don’t want anymore or you can bag up your unwanted stuff and donate it to a local charity.

With these five items, we can assure you your move will go smoother than expected. It goes without saying that an absolute must-have for moving day is experienced Jacksonville movers. Their knowledge and experience will help you more than anything else. And on moving day, you’ll need all the help you can get.

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