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5 Things Movers Just Can’t Move

5 Things Movers Just Can’t Move

Moving companies try to get everything moved safely, but it is a good idea to check in advance that you do not have any of the items which will be declined by Jacksonville movers. It is obvious that they will not move anything potentially dangerous, but some of the items on this list may come as a surprise.

  1. Pot Plants

No plants will be permitted when moving between states or across borders, because of the potential for transporting bugs or spreading a plant disease into another area.  Some Jacksonville movers might accept an occasional houseplant, when it is just a local move, but many moving companies specify that they do not move plants, even for a short distance.

  1. Pool and Yard Treatments

It is important to make sure that anything that could be classed as hazardous is disposed of safely and according to legal requirements, before you move out. Outdoor chemicals such as pool treatments, pesticides and weed killer must all be disposed of, because a Jacksonville mover will not be able to transport them.

If it is your intention to move an outdoor generator, lawnmower or pool equipment, to your new home, there will usually be no problem if you make sure that all the gasoline, or any other type of other fuel, has been removed before the movers arrive.

  1. Hazardous Materials

Moving companies in Jacksonville are prevented by law from transporting anything classed as hazardous. This means there is a ban on any type of ammunition and containers of fuel. Gasoline tanks, propane and even charcoal are all forbidden.

Car batteries are considered to be a potential hazard, and so are other types of battery, liquid bleach, darkroom chemicals and scuba diving tanks. You might be surprised to know that items such as nail polish can be included in this category.

  1. Unsafe Items for Removal

Additional problems may arise if, for example, you expect a professional mover to bring a very heavy item down from an upper level and they consider that it is not safe to do this. They will always try to find a way to get your possessions out and into your new home, but every moving company has to comply with safety regulations, so it is important to check that it will be safe for them to carry very bulky or heavy items from your home.

  1. Perishable Foodstuffs

Local moving companies in Jacksonville will not be able to take any food that is considered to be perishable. This means that all types of meat, fresh vegetables, frozen and dairy foods are on the no-go list.

Even foods that have not yet reached their expiration date will be considered to be perishable items if they don’t have a long shelf life. Only food sealed in a can, bottled in an unopened jar or preserved inside its packaging will be safe to move.

The best way to avoid disappointment on moving day is to make sure that you are not expecting anything illegal, dangerous or perishable to be moved. Prepare in advance by getting rid of anything that can’t be moved, and then you can replace those items after the move.

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