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5 Tips to Avoid Moving Injuries

5 Tips to Avoid Moving Injuries

When you are moving, it can seem like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. You’re constantly doing two, sometimes three, things at once. However, movers in Atlantic Beach Florida can attest that one of the most important things you should focus on is avoiding moving injuries. Here are a few tips that will help you stay healthy through your move.

Pack boxes off the ground

Lifting from chest or abdomen level is going to be easier on your body than lifting straight from the ground. When you have the opportunity to pack heavier boxes on a table or counter, take it. Movers in Atlantic Beach always prefer that the lightest boxes are lower on the floor, and the heavy ones stay elevated.

This does not mean to stack boxes by placing the lightest ones on the bottom if they cannot support the weight of the items above them. However, by smartly placing a few of those heavy items and boxes a little higher off the ground, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Lift with those knees

We’ve heard it our whole life, and yet so many of use don’t follow this simple rule. When you watch the movers, you’ll notice that they all lift with their knees in order to support their back. While you are lifting, always be mindful to use your abs as well. They are one of the biggest supporters of the back.

Don’t do anything sudden

Movers know that it can get frustrating when moving, but that doesn’t mean you can suddenly thrust and throw items around. Have a plan of action for all large objects, and make sure that everyone who is helping listens to the plan before you just pick up the solid wood dresser, and start guiding everyone for the first time while they awkwardly hold it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Whether you decide to hire moving services in Atlantic Beach, or you enlist a group of friends, don’t try to lift everything all by yourself. We all need a little help moving, and while we can generally get the smaller items ourselves, trying to tackle those large objects can result in some serious injuries. Be smart when you enlist people to help you. Have all of the items packed and ready to go before everyone gets there. Make sure the large items are ready to move and very accessible on the day that you have the most people to help.

Stay focused on the task at hand

Don’t let yourself get easily distracted. Professional movers in Atlantic Beach, Florida advise that you pay careful attention to the way your body is lifting and reacting to the weight you are carrying. If you let yourself get distracted by everything else around you, then you might twist instead of bend. Worse yet, you might find yourself with an injury because you tripped and fell over something that was in your path.

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