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7 Difficult Things to Move and How to Handle Them Properly

7 Difficult Things to Move and How to Handle Them Properly

Moving to a new location might sound stressful but with proper planning and research, things should go well and easy. Among the various things that need to be prepared are the booking of the local mover and packing of your items.

As regards to packing, there are various ways that you need to learn when it comes to packing big, heavy and fragile items. You may also have “strange possessions” that you find difficult to pack and transport. Let us start learning about these things and how we can take care of them during the moving process.

How to Move Things Properly

Here are a few of these things that are difficult to move and you should be taking extra careful precautions when moving them.

  1. Piano. When moving a piano outside of the house, you should remember the do’s and do not’s that go with this. Knowing that a piano is probably your home’s largest complex mechanical device with many strings and moving parts, it is essential that you know how to handle this heavy delicate piece of your home.
    1. Among the “Do’s” that you need to consider when moving a piano are the following:
      * Consult with professional piano movers before doing it.
      * Move away other furniture and objects when you have to start moving it out.
      * Cover the piano properly with non-slip blankets.
      * Consider placing packing desiccants inside the piano before packing it.
    2. Here are the things that you shouldn’t do when moving a piano:
      * Don’t leave the piano lid unlocked.
      * Don’t pack the instrument last.
      * Don’t secure it with cargo straps.
  2. Safe. The first primary concern when moving a safe is to remember “safety.” If the safe is not easy to move, you should hire professionals to move it for you. However, you may need to do the moving yourself if you already have previous experience moving similar huge safes and you know how to do it. However you do it, ensure that you have the right equipment to help you move it such as a wheeled helper or hand truck.
  3. Fish Tank. There are a few important things you need to know before planning on moving your fish tank.
    Freshwater aquarium fishes are sensitive to the changes in their environment so the process of moving your fish is a delicate matter to do as it might cause stress on the fishes in the process of relocation. To help your fish survive, minimize the time spent out of their normal environment by making it the last to prepare for moving and the very first to set up in your new home.
  4. The leg lamp. It may be a piece of cherished art such as a life-size leg lamp but whatever it is, it must be fragile and delicate so it needs utmost care to move it out and into the new home. How to do it? The keyword is “custom crating.” Most Jacksonville apartment movers, piano movers, furniture movers and other movers and packers offer additional service of creating tailor-made crate for these units.
  5. Antique crystal chandeliers. It may be a beast that your grandmother has kept for decades and it is not easy to pack it up. However, if you take some cartons and cut them in half and tape the pieces together to fit the size of the chandelier to make it as its container, then it is the best strategy. Make sure that you wrap every glass piece very carefully either in bubble wrap or foam packs before you put them inside the box.
  6. Salon chairs. It may have been useful while it lasts but salon chairs as well as tanning beds are luxurious equipment that are bulky, heavy and difficult to move. Well, the best way is to find a box where it fits. However, it may not be easy because of its size and shape. Worry no more for no matter how difficult it may be, it is not impossible. Tape many boxes together and use it as padding to keep the unit in place. The important thing is that you don’t damage it otherwise you will need to give it a makeover in the new home.
  7. Pinball machines. Classic arcade games, pinball machines and similar things — they need a lot of padding. You can use your blankets, pillow cases and similar items to wrap on them. You can also use cloth or thick brown paper pads. Put them all in place by taping the ends down. Once you do this, load it into the truck strategically putting the smaller boxes under it, between the legs and on the sides so that it doesn’t move too much when the truck is moving.

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