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7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Moving Company

7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Moving Company

Whether you contact a moving company or they contact you than you should be prepared with the questions you are going to ask.  Here are a few essential ones to get you started.

  1. What is your company name, street address, phone number, and URL? What licensing do you have in place and what are your license numbers?
    You want this information so you can do your research and also search for any reviews left by other consumers.
  2. How do you estimate your prices?
    Many different ways companies come up with their prices from distance moved, weight of furniture, cubic feet you use in the truck, the degree of difficulty and so forth. Always ask so you can compare with other companies and keep in mind if the moving quote is too good to be true it most likely is.
  3. Do you subcontract your moves or hire day labor?
    First, you would like to know who will be coming to your home.  Many companies subcontract their work to smaller companies who usually hire day labor that are usually ill experienced in actually moving furniture.  You should know whether or not the company you hire does their own work or not.
  4. What are your hourly rates and do you have any extra fees?
    For smaller local moves you will typically pay by the hour.  Therefore ask the company what they charge by the hour, do they have a minimum, and what other fees do they tack on at the end.  Lot of try to be slick and give you a cheap hourly rate but at the end of the move tack on travel fee, fuel charge, surcharge, wrapping fee, and various other charges which in the end makes the initial hourly rate more expensive.
  5. How do I contact you during the moving process?
    I always recommend working with someone that has a physical office that you can go visit and talk to in person.  Because that person would have much more to lose than a guy that operates out of his apartment.  Before the actually move date contact them a few times over the phone and get familiar with that process asking them questions like who do I contact in case there is a problem during the move.
  6. What type of insurance do you offer?
    Ask your mover to review their insurance options with you. There are two types of common insurance offered by movers. Released-value protection covers up to 60 cents per pound. This protection is standard and included in moving charges.  Full-value protection covers the value of the entire item damaged, and is based on the customer’s valuation of the goods that are being moved.  You may not need additional insurance if your homeowner’s policy already covers your items during the move.
  7. Can you provide me with references?
    Ask the company you are dealing with to provide you with references, but not just any reference, a reference from a customer they moved that week.  I have come to find out that a peer is more than willing to help and answers questions about the experience they had.  Don’t allow the company to cherry pick their references and give them to you.
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