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Shady Movers: The Red Flags to Look For!

Shady Movers: The Red Flags to Look For!

Moving time can be stressful and nothing can make it worse than choosing a shady moving company. It is easy to get duped by a nice website, a persuasive salesman, or an extreme lowball price. You should have your detectors on full blast and ask lots of questions while also doing your research.

A couple of obvious signs to look for is a generic website. A common habit of shady companies is to use easy to create generic template websites that use online images. A reputable Jacksonville moving company will take pictures of their own trucks, location, and employees in action and display it online proudly. If you have a hard time finding an exact address to their main office so you can go talk face to face should be an obvious red flag of a shady moving company. A company that rents trucks to get your move done is a company you need to be careful of. The biggest warning sign to be aware of is if the company asks for a substantial deposit upfront.

How do you avoid these shady moving companies? First, do your research. Look up their licenses and make sure they are insured. Ask around to friends and family to see if anyone has used that moving company. Most reputable companies offer free in home estimates if a company gives you a flat rate price over the phone that is a company you should avoid.

Like most decisions a little bit of research and common sense will go a long way. Choosing the right moving company can mean the difference of thousands of dollars. A moving company that doesn’t care for their trucks, image, and reputation will most likely not care for your belongings.

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