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10 Reasons to Live in Jacksonville

10 Reasons to Live in Jacksonville

Every town has reasons why you should live there, but Jacksonville is so much more than that. After you hear about why this city is such a desirable place to live, you will be calling Jacksonville movers to get you there as soon as they can.


Jacksonville, FL is known for its beautiful weather. The city has not seen real snow 1989 and has very warm summers, making it amazing for wearing shorts almost all year round. Jacksonville is located on Florida’s coast; therefore, it can be subjected to tropical storms. There is an upside though. Due to the city’s particular location, a hurricane made landfall since Dora in 1964.


Jacksonville is located near many beaches, so your weekends can be filled with relaxing in the sun and plenty of water activities. Most residences of the area are only about an hour drive away from the beach at most.


There is a variety of restaurants and bars located on oceanfront property; making it the perfect location to hang out with friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.


There are an abundance of parks in Jacksonville due to the operation of the urban park system. Over the span of about 80,000 acres of land there are about 300 parks of all different kinds.


Whether you enjoy inshore or offshore fishing, Jacksonville will provide! Located near many fishing holes, Jacksonville is a fisherman’s paradise. Call some Jacksonville movers soon so you can live in the perfect location to load up the fishing gear and your boat! Living near the water will ensure that you have more time casting your line. Those fishing stories won’t tell themselves!


If you enjoy golfing then Jacksonville is the place for you. There are over 70 public and private golf courses in the area and is located near Ponte Vedra, home of the PGA Tour headquarters.


Home to six professional and semi-professional sporting teams, Jacksonville is the perfect place to live if you plan on attending sporting events of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Jacksonville Sharks or the Jacksonville Giants.

Low cost of living

Compared to other large cities on the East Coast, the cost of living in Jacksonville is relatively low. The city’s cost of living is lower than the Florida average, but not lower than the national average. Get in contact with Jacksonville movers to start living in an economically friendly city today!


There are a number of musical artists who have worked in Jacksonville including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Yellowcard, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This gives the city its hype for being a great music scene. There are also many music venues that attract high-profile artists; making it an amazing place to live if you love to attend concerts.


In Jacksonville’s downtown you will find an abundance of events to enjoy yourself including the First Wednesday Art Walk. This is an event that occurs the first Wednesday of every month and celebrates the local areas restaurants, bars, museums, musicians and artists.

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