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Looking for Cheap But Reliable Movers?

Don’t we wish that all moving companies were cheap moving companies – especially in this economy? I think yes. But, here’s the big question: Is cheaper always better? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. So, let’s talk about that for a minute.. All of my “you get what you pa...

10 Reasons to Live in Jacksonville

Every town has reasons why you should live there, but Jacksonville is so much more than that. After you hear about why this city is such a desirable place to live, you will be calling Jacksonville movers to get you there as soon as they can. Weather Jacksonville, FL is known for...

Top 7 Tips for Moving in Summer

Several reasons may force you to move to a new home. Regardless of the reason, it is always recommended that you avoid moving in summer due to the heat. However, you have to do it at times. This article will look at the top seven tips that will help you move comfortably and effortlessly regardless o...

Moving to Brooklyn in Jacksonville, FL?

There is a Brooklyn in Jax, FL? Sure enough is. It is located in what is considered Downtown Jacksonville. It is Precisely located along the St. Johns River, south of Lavilla and the Downtown Core, and immediately north of Riverside. It is roughly bounded by McCoy’s Creek and the CSX R...